Artist Alley

Pardon our ashes. Phoenix is being reborn

Registration for Artist Alley – NOW CLOSED FOR 2018!

See you all at ROFCON!

 Artist Alley Rules

  • Additional Artist Alley membership badges at the door are -VERY- limited. Pre-register and save yourself time and aggravation!
  • ALL artists will need to pick up their badge from Registration. Your Artist Alley Badge is also your convention membership badge! This badge acts just like a regular weekend pass with same access to other ROFCON events. After picking up your badge from Registration check-in with registration staff
  • Full table (standard 6 ft. length) comes with 2 chairs. Each table is 6 feet by 2 feet. Tables are non-transferable and non-refundable. Only full tables are sold. If you want to split your table, that is up to you. Each table can have up to two artist/studio names noted on the Artist Alley map (example: bunnyhop/cat scratch studio). Rules will regulate the TOTAL space as a whole and not individual artists. The original person who submitted the request will be held responsible for all actions on their table(s). If a tablemate, or vise versa owner, is found violating a rule, the table/space as a whole will be held accountable and possibly removed.
  • In order to participate in Artist Alley, artists will be required to purchase a full membership. Only those with an Artist Alley badge are allowed to sell and sit behind tables at any given time during rofcon. Each table has a max of two artist that can reside behind the space at any given time.
  • A website or online photo album with your work in it is a must once you apply for table space.
  • Artist Alley has a 50% original /50% fan art policy.
Age Requirement

In order to purchase a table in the Artist Alley, the artist must be 18 years of age by the check-in date.

General Rules
  • There is no selling merchandise outside of Artist Alley, Club Row, or Vendors Hall. NO SQUATTING! Do not assume you can set down in the middle of ANY open space and attempt to sell your artwork. This may cause your attendee badge to be revoked.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs in Artist Alley will NOT be tolerated! Those caught doing such will have their attendee badge revoked and thrown out on the spot.
  • Absolutely NO smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes in the hotel or convention space.
  • Absolutely NO posting of any flyers anywhere in the hotel or convention space other than clearly marked posting areas.
  • No running, screaming, yelling, use of obscene language, horseplay, “carrying-on,” or blatant bashing of the convention will be tolerated in Artist Alley.
  • Bringing your own tables to set up in addition to your table space is NOT allowed.
  • Watch your table(s). ROFCON will not be held responsible for Lost or Stolen items. If you find the need to leave your table, either pack your belongings or find someone you trust to watch out for you wares in your absence.
  • Convention participants are required to wear their badges visibly at all times.
  • Any issues or disputes should immediately be brought to the attention of the Artist Alley Department Head or other Artist Alley staff members.
  • No third party sales are permitted in Artist Alley. Each artist should be selling their own work, not that of other people. Collaborative works, where multiple artists worked on a single project, are acceptable so long as the artist selling contributed to the final image being sold. Artists may not resell their table to a third party.
  • Sharing tables with another artist is acceptable, but you are required to have them added to your table.
  • While in Artist Alley, all convention, Local, State and Federal rules are in effect.
Table Sizes

Each STANDARD table is 6 feet by 2.5 feet and comes with two chairs.

Artist Alley: Creativity at Work!

Traditional Artists are artists who predominantly lean more towards traditional means of making their wonderful creations. If (but not limited to) prints, badges, buttons, hand drawn or digital renderings are your passion, this is the section for you.

Fiber Artists are artists who predominantly lean more towards hand-made unique and often limited 3D art forms. If (but not limited to) custom hats, cosplay props, lolita frilly, raver gear, or kawaii outfits are your passion, this is the section for you. Tables for Fiber Artists/Studios are limited and very competitive.

Webcomic Artists are artists who create and promote their own web-hosted comic (sometimes more than just one at a time!).

ROFCON is encouraging artists, studios and webcomic artists to display, create, and commission their own artwork in one form or another at their table(s). While we are not outright banning the sale of “fan art” the sale of such is restricted to 50% of your table display and will be strictly policed for copyright infringement. Please read below for more information on Fan Art. With proper proof, no tracing, copying, or duplication of other artists’ work will be tolerated.

  • NOTE: If you are (re)selling merchandise that can be bought in a store or in the Dealer’s Room you will be asked to leave. Judgment Calls are left to the discretion of the Artist Alley Department Head and the Con Chair.
  • NOTE: The artist may sell their own artwork and not those of anyone else not present at the convention or the table.
  • Up-cycle Art: If it uses COPYRIGHT images, symbols, icons (etc) and there is no written permission of free use by the copyright owner(s), it’s not allowed in the AA.
  • NOTE: Collaborations are traditionally done with more than one artist’s or a studio’s hand in creating it and so long as one of the artist in the collaboration is present at the convention, is perfectly fine to sell in Artist Alley.
  • NOTE: There is NO item crossover between the Vendors Hall, Club Row, or Artist Alley allowed. You will need to pick which area your collaborations will be sold on and keep them there throughout the remaining weekend.
  • Copyright and Fair Use – Read up on Copyright and Fair Use here.
The Art of Fan Art

The Artist Alley has adopted the 50/50 rule. This means 50% of your DISPLAY SPACE can be fan art! Fan art includes, but not limited to, prints, badges, buttons, plushies, cels, zines, parody, doujinshi, charms… anything remotely fanart will count against the artist’s total display space. Commissions taken at-con for fanart will not count against your total.

“Fan art” is defined as an interpretation of an existing character or based on any person(s), living or dead, in the artist’s own style, falling under fair use.

You may not solely display and sell fan art. It is strongly suggested that fan art should not take more that 50% of your items displayed on the table space. If we see that fan art is taking up too much of your display space you may be asked by the Director of AA or any of the AA staff to rectify the situation (I.E. displaying more of your original art). If the Director or any of the Staff deem something as a copyright infringement you will be asked to remove it once. If it becomes necessary to ask you to remove it a second time you will be ejected from the convention. If an Artist/Studio sells out of all their original items, it DOES NOT mean they are allowed to use said open space to display more fan art…it’ll just be an open area on your table.

Absolutely NO copyrighted material such as logos, symbols, or icons are allowed in any form to be sold in the AA.

Fanart prints should be kept to 20 or less copies per image. Celebrity likeness is considered to be fanart. Gijinka (humanization of licensed characters-albeit original in design but still based on someone else’s copyright) are also considered to be fanart.

No more than 50% of your table display space can be fan art. Please keep in mind: if you are splitting your table with a table mate and they only bring fan art to sell, you will have to bring enough original art to satisfy the requirement.

Guidelines for fanart are as follows:

It must not be a copy, either by hand or computer, of official licensed artwork. It must be an original design, drawn in the Artist’s own style and poses.

Permitted in Artist Alley
Items that include/imprinted with the artist’s own artwork: DVDs, calendars, drawings, watercolor, paintings, prints, comics/manga, doujinshi, .zines, sketches, cel art, pins, buttons, posters, CDs, books, t-shirts and other clothing, bags, bookmarks, cards, games, etched glass, pins/buttons, posters, face painting, models, ears/tails, jewelry, costumes, custom plushies, props, lolita, origami…

NOT permitted in the Artist Alley
No duplication/reproduction of licensed material.
No (re)selling of commercial products. (store bought merchandise)
No metal or wooden weapons. (soft material cosplay props=ok)
No bootlegging or piracy.
No garage sale-like items.
No flammable items.
No convection ovens.

No Food – selling or raffling off anything that is consumed (this also means no free candy at your table).
No attaching items to the walls or columns – anything that leaves a mark will be considered potential vandalism.

Adult Content
No public display of Sexually Explicit or Suggestive Material will be tolerated without the proper protocols. Adult material includes extreme violence and gore as well as sexually explicit content.

Adult material must be covered and labeled as 18+. Covered means that the explicit bits are concealed behind some sort of blocker: stickers, Post-it notes, masking tape, sheets of paper, etc. Before the Artist can sell, show, or be commissioned for adult material, the Artist MUST make sure the viewer shows proof of being 18 years of age or older. This is solely the job of the Artist and, as such, will be held responsible if something should go awry.

Intellectual Property
ROFCON’s title, logo, and mascots are a trademark of ROFCON , an Event Support Solutions, Inc. event. No likenesses of the trademarks of are permitted to be sold in Artist Alley.

Noise Restriction
Be courteous to your fellow artists next to and nearby your table. Noise from music, videos, and chatter should be kept at a reasonable level. Warnings will be issued but not limited to complete removal of artist without recompense at the AA Department Head’s and Con Chair’s discretion.

Display Height Restriction
All displays must be secured and stable. For safety reasons, Artists with wobbling or falling displays will be asked to take them down. Likewise, displays that go beyond the horizontal/vertical boundaries of the table or impede on other artist’s space will be asked to be removed. Height restrictions are in place at the max of 5 feet off the top of the table(s).

Tables that form the corner can use the blank space between the two so long as both artists are in agreement. But be mindful, if there is a complaint, you will be asked to reduce or remove items from the corner space. Entrances/Exits into the Islands may NOT be blocked in any way. Tables flanking these areas cannot have anything protruding out from the open side of the display that may impede artist foot traffic.

Unclaimed Tables, Refunds, and Transfers
Tables are non-transferable and non-refundable. Submission and payment of a table indicates the artist is committed to attending ROFCON. Any tables not claimed by NOON on Saturday will be sold at the Artist Alley Staff Table for $75, unless prior arrangements for late arrival have been made with the Artist Alley Department Head.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If an Artist/Studio is found to have violated any of the Artist Alley rules or any convention rules, Artist Alley Staff reserves the right to remove said artist(s) from their table without refund. Likewise, if an artist is found to have lied or misrepresented themselves during the application process, the artist(s) may be denied a table/removed from their table without recompense at the Artist Alley Department Head’s & Con Chair’s discretion.