Guest Announcement: GeekNightComedy

ROFCON is looking forward to laughing along with GeekNightComedy starring Sid Bridge and Derek Williams.

It’s a fun show of stand-up comedy and improv, and all sorts of fun. Everyone involved in the show are actual performers of stand-up and improv prior to GeekNightComedy, which means we aren’t spouting memes on stage, and repeating things you saw on the internet, Sid and Derek put together people who we noticed did geeky/nerdy jokes at comedy clubs that essentially went over the heads of most people, but fell into the niche humor a captive audience, in the realm of understanding, would get. GeekNightComedy performs the show regularly at comedy clubs like Funnybone Virginia Beach, Richmond, IMPROV in DC and in Orlando, and conventions, such as AwesomeCon, ODU minicon, ROFcon, NekoCon, MAGfest, Tidewater Comicon, etc. Comedy for Geeks, by Geeks

Guest Announcement: Dimensional Riffs

ROFCON is glad to welcome Dimensional Riffs!

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Dimensional Riffs began as some geeks cracking jokes and cranking out tunes. After awhile, they realized that were pretty good at it. They take their favorite sci-fi genres (Doctor Who, Firefly, etc) and a bunch of other stuff from 21st century geekdom and tell the stories through song. When they’re not rocking out at cons, they’re living, laughing, and working across southeastern Virginia, from Richmond to Suffolk.

Guest Announcement: ConLG

ROFCON is glad to welcome back Veteran Featured Panelists, ConLG.

Con LG exists to bring grade A panels, workshops, and events to the CONvention community and those affiliated with it. Since coming together, they have performed several podcasts, game shows, and comedy panels at different conventions in the state of Virginia. Some of their better known panels have included: Who’s Line is it Anime (Nekocon), and Vague Jeopardy, and Panel Roulette
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Guest Announcement: James Noll

ROFCON is proud to welcome author Guest, James Noll!

James Noll has worked as a sandwich maker, a yogurt dispenser, a day care provider, a video store clerk, a day care provider (again), a summer camp counselor, a waiter, a prep cook, a sandwich maker (again), a line cook, a security guard, a line cook (again), a waiter (again), a bartender, a librarian, and a teacher. Somewhere in there he played drums in punk rock bands, recorded several albums, and wrote dozens of short stories and a handful of novels.

Guest Announcement: Michael Thompson

ROFCON is proud to welcome Author Guest Michael Thompson!

Michael Thompson’s indie author journey began at the age of thirteen with the publication of his action-packed, witty, and charming series of illustrated children’s chapter books. Since then, he has spoken on numerous panels and web shows to both readers and aspiring authors alike and his books are bestsellers in independent bookstores across Northern Virginia.
Now, a recent honors graduate from George Mason University with a passion for writing more fiery than ever, his debut YA Portal Fantasy novel, World of the Orb is making waves. Declared a “breakout hit” and earning Five-Star praise from Readers’ Favorite, World of the Orb follows Marvin and Andy, a duo of rule-breakers who happen upon the Museum of Natural History’s unnatural secret: The Orb, a powerful relic that plunges these two modern teens into a medieval world of myths and magic, and sets them on a headlong treasure hunt to find Earth again. Full of adventure and heart, this book is sure to captivate and delight lovers of the genre craving a modern twist. For more information on Michael and his work, visit the sites below:

Guest Announcement: Andrew Linke

ROFCON Welcomes Author and Podcaster Andrew Linke!

Andrew Linke is an author, educator, and podcaster from Tidewater, Virginia.

Andrew’s novels include five Oliver Lucas Adventures, which follow the titular hero through magical treasure hunts across the world and beyond, the bleak science fiction thriller Burning in the Void, and Dyson’s Angel, the first in a series of science fiction adventures set in a distant future after the solar system has been destroyed by a mysterious alien force.

In addition to writing novels, Andrew is in the midst of crafting an original fantasy setting for serial fiction and roleplaying games. He is also developing both guidebooks and apps to help other writers develop their characters and plots. He is a frequent guest on the Strange Phenomena music history podcast and is in the process of releasing podcast audiobooks of his novels under the highly imaginative title: Andrew Linke’s Audiobooks.

An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy in all forms, Andrew frequently posts essays, critiques, and role-playing journals to his website and social media accounts.


Guest Announcement: Action Arcade

ROFCON is proud to welcome back Action Arcade as one of our featured panelists this year!

Action Arcade is a group of (by no means professional) gamers who got their start in the first Ring of Fire convention in 2014. They take games and find different ways to play them, sometimes painful, oftentimes hilarious. They do speed runs, card games, tag team gaming, finding weird games to stream, and getting….a little too competitive with various competition panels Come out and watch as this group of gamers torture themselves for your entertainment!

Guest Announcement: A.R. Moler

A.R. Moler is a chemistry professor at a Community college, a homeschooling mom and an avid science fiction fan. She is a devotee of first hand research for her writing whenever possible and to this end has – learned to fire a handgun, been rappelling, ridden with both EMS and the police, flown a helicopter, bought a motorcycle and learned to ride it. She has traveled to nearly all the places where her stories are set and taken hundreds of photos for documentation. She has been writing since her high school years.

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Guest Announcement: Jon St. John

Some cons end the year with a bang, we choose to go NUCLEAR!

We are glad to welcome back ROFCON veteran Jon St. John!

Jon St. John is an American voice actor who started out as a radio DJ at the age of 14.

Best known as the voice of the first famous FPS – DUKE NUKEM, Jon is also heard on games such as: World of Warcraft, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Sonic Adventure, Heroes of Newerth, Rochard, Guild Wars 2, Counter-Strike, DoTA2, Star Trek: Online, and D&D Neverwinter and Bombshell to name just a few.
Jon is often heard on national advertising campaigns such as Bud light, Brisk Ice Tea, Ford Motor Co., Disney DVD’s, Concert Tours such as Steely Dan, Bill Maher, and Barry Manilow, and TV promos on Nickelodeon. Jon has also provided various character voices for attractions at theme parks including Legoland California, Dollywood in Tennessee, and Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo.
An honored guest at gaming conventions around the world, Jon is one actor who really enjoys meeting his fans – so be sure to step right up and shake his hand.

Jon St. John – Duke Nukem

Guests: Eric Menge & Steph Stober

We are excited to announce our first two guests for Ring of Fire Con 2018: author Eric Menge and artist Steph Stober.

Eric Menge is an author, game-designer, and intermittent attorney. He co-authored Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue, an award-nominated RPG supplement for Wizards of the Coast, and is a writer for Legend of the Five Rings by AEG. He is currently creating an online graphic novel Snow by Night (, where he now dreams of muskets, alchemy, and snow in the moonlight.

Steph Stober is a freelance illustrator who never quite grew out of cartoons and comic books. Most of her time is spent drawing, spoiling her two rabbits (Caesar and Houdini), and generally geeking out about nerdy things on the internet. She is the creator of Final Arcanum ( and more of her work can be found at!


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