Guest Announcement: GeekNightComedy

ROFCON is looking forward to laughing along with GeekNightComedy starring Sid Bridge and Derek Williams.

It’s a fun show of stand-up comedy and improv, and all sorts of fun. Everyone involved in the show are actual performers of stand-up and improv prior to GeekNightComedy, which means we aren’t spouting memes on stage, and repeating things you saw on the internet, Sid and Derek put together people who we noticed did geeky/nerdy jokes at comedy clubs that essentially went over the heads of most people, but fell into the niche humor a captive audience, in the realm of understanding, would get. GeekNightComedy performs the show regularly at comedy clubs like Funnybone Virginia Beach, Richmond, IMPROV in DC and in Orlando, and conventions, such as AwesomeCon, ODU minicon, ROFcon, NekoCon, MAGfest, Tidewater Comicon, etc. Comedy for Geeks, by Geeks

Guest Announcement: Dimensional Riffs

ROFCON is glad to welcome Dimensional Riffs!

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Dimensional Riffs began as some geeks cracking jokes and cranking out tunes. After awhile, they realized that were pretty good at it. They take their favorite sci-fi genres (Doctor Who, Firefly, etc) and a bunch of other stuff from 21st century geekdom and tell the stories through song. When they’re not rocking out at cons, they’re living, laughing, and working across southeastern Virginia, from Richmond to Suffolk.

Performer Announcement: Eien Strife

ROFCON welcomes back veteran guest and performer Eien Strife!

Eien Strife is a cosplay musical group that has been touring anime, comic, and gaming conventions all over the US. Their high energy show is a unique concert experience which consists of four members bringing to life a story that has never been seen before! Having a sound that is best described as an adventure soundtrack, the members of Eien Strife perform songs that share their quest with the audience while interacting by way of animations and cosplay.

Since the beginning of Eien Strife‚Äôs journey, the four heroes of the cosplay adventure rock band have been touring conventions to dozens of cities while putting on a brand new concert every time! It’s hard to explain everything that you will experience when you attend an Eien Strife concert. With high energy songs, catchy dance breakdowns, hilarious 8-bit animations, and crowd interactions like never before seen, there is something for everyone at an Eien Strife show.

Eien Strife is now ready to journey back to ROFCON a brand new show! Get ready for the adventure!

Performer Announcement – Fishnet Inc. presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Ring of Fire is proud to present: The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Fishnet Inc (18and up only) on Saturday Night in our Main Events.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the story of Brad and Janet a young wholesome couple that has car trouble on a stormy night. They seek refuge in a strange castle occupied by a mad scientist in lingerie whom along with his questionable servants, some formally dressed party goers, a half frozen biker, an ex Nazi, and a blonde Frankenstein stylecreation named Rocky get them mixed up in some good old sex, drugs, and rock n roll. The movie is Rated R. The live show is rated M for Mature.

Fishnet Inc has been bringing the Rocky Horror Shadow Cast experience to Hampton Roads for over 28 years. Our show is not for the easily offended. There will be foul language, adult topics, questionable humor, half dressed people, suggestive hand gestures, and it will be loud. We invite you to join the Underwear Run (ID required), please NO-thongs, jocks, g strings, straps, sheer, edible, crotch less, or see thru. Also RoFcon and Hotel approved prop kits will be on sale-no outside props please. For info, pics and more info you can find us on Face Book or call/text 757-828-7477.