Club Row

Pardon our ashes. Phoenix is being reborn

Are you a member of a club? Is the club looking for space to showcase what they represent/can do?

Clubs are a group of enthusiasts who are promoting their club. Along with flyers, giveaways and membership sign-ups, these table are restricted to selling items (t-shirt, buttons, etc.) that DIRECTLY promote their club.

Click here for the Table Request Application
Club Table Cost: Free with proof of membership and legitimacy.
Click here for Badge Purchases 

The club representative will need to come by Club Row check-in to sign-in for the table AFTER checking in with registration to retrieve their badges.
Full 5-ft by 1-ft table comes with 2 chairs.
Club tables are “First asked, First served” with proof of membership and club legitimacy.
Tables are non-transferable.

In order to participate in club row, club members manning their table will be required to purchase a full membership prior to receiving a club row table space.

Location: Outside of Registration.

Age Requirement: In order to receive a table in the Club Row, the group leader must be 18 years of age by the check-in date, Friday, March 23rd, 2018.

General Rules

NO SELLING OUTSIDE DESIGNATED AREAS: There is no selling merchandise outside of Artist Alley, Club Row, or Vendors Hall. NO SQUATTING!

NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: Use of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated! Those caught doing such will have may have their attendee badge revoked or be asked to leave the convention.

NO SMOKING/VAPING: Absolutely NO smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes are allowed in the Convention Space or Hotel.

NO POSTING FLYERS: Absolutely NO posting of any flyers anywhere in the Convention Space or Hotel other than clearly marked posting areas.

ACT RESPONSIBLY: No running, screaming, yelling, use of obscene language, horseplay, “carrying-on” or blatant bashing on any convention will be tolerated.

NO ADDITIONAL TABLES: Due to space concerns, bringing your own tables to set up in addition to your table space is NOT allowed.

KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR STUFF:  ROFCON will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. If you find the need to leave your table, either pack your belongings or find someone you trust to watch out for you wares in your absence. Please note that we are not responsible for securing your belongings before, during, or after the convention hours of operations.

WEAR YOUR BADGE: Convention participants are required to wear their badges visibly at all times.

TABLES ARE FOR YOUR CLUB: Club may not resell their table to a third party. Sharing tables with another artist or club is not acceptable.

OBEY THE LAW: All convention, Local, State and Federal rules are in effect.

NOTE: There is NO item crossover between Vendors Hall, Artist Alley, and Club Row allowed. You will need to pick which area your collaborations will be sold on and keep them there throughout the remaining weekend.

The following  items are NOT permitted in Club Row

No duplication/reproduction of licensed material.
No (re)selling of commercial products. (store bought merchandise)
No metal or wooden weapons. (soft material cosplay props=ok)
No bootlegging or piracy.
No flammable items.
No convection ovens.
No airbrushes.
No stickers or anything with an adhesive backing.
No food  selling or raffling off anything that is consumed (this also means no free candy at your table).

Infractions of any of these items you and your club may be asked to leave at the discretion of the Finance Division Head and the Con Chair.

Adult Content
ROFCON does have minors in attendance. No public display of sexually explicit or suggestive material will be tolerated without the proper protocols. Adult material includes extreme violence and gore as well as sexually explicit content.

Intellectual Property
ROFCON’s title, logo, and mascots are a trademark of ROFCON, an Event Support Solutions, Inc. Event. No likenesses of the trademarks of are permitted to be sold in Club Row.

Noise Restriction
Be courteous to your fellow clubs next to and nearby your table. Noise from music, videos, and chatter should be kept at a reasonable level. Warnings will be issued but not limited to complete removal of club without recompense at the Finance Division Head and Con Chair’s discretion.

Display Height Restriction
All displays must be secured and stable. For safety reasons, club rows with wobbling or falling displays will be asked to take them down. Likewise, displays that go beyond the horizontal/vertical boundaries of the table or impede on other club’s space will be asked to be removed. Height restrictions are in place at the max of 5 feet off the top of the table(s).

HAVING ISSUES?: Any issues or disputes should immediately be brought to the attention of the Club Row Department Head or other Club Row staff members.

Contacting the Club Row Department:
Club row can be contacted through email at [email protected]