Pardon our ashes. Phoenix is being reborn


The Hall Craftsmanship Contest is a COMPETITION for those who wish to have their costumes
evaluated by a panel of judges. Those who enter will have five to ten minutes (depending on the number
of entries we have) to talk about their costume with the judges. In order to compete you must have made
80% of your costume, or the person presenting the costume must be present. (Example: If you wish to
make a costume and have someone wear it for the contest, you must be present to explain the
construction and the awards will go to the creator of the costume, not the model wearing it). Original
and fan based costumes are allowed. Sign ups for the contest will be at con on a first come first serve
basis, stop by the cosplay info table to pick a time slot for Friday or Saturday judging.
Competition Categories (subject to change at any time)
Best in Show
Best of Friday
Best of Saturday
Best Master
Best Journeymen
Best Novice
Best Youth
Best Group

Category Explanations
Youth– Any entrant aged 13 years and younger. Youth entries may have help in creating their costumes.
Entrants under 13 must be accompanied to their judging session by a parent or guardian, and have
permission prior to entering.

Novice – Any costumer(s) who has won 2 or fewer craftsmanship awards. This is the category you select
if you have never cosplayed before, or have not won any contests.

Journeyman – Any costumer(s) who has won 3 – 7 craftsmanship awards.

Master – Any costumer(s) who has won 8 or more craftsmanship awards.

Group – Must still enter in a level category but if you choose to be judged together as a group you will
also be eligible for the Group award.
**Winners will be announced at the Closet Cosplay Competition on Saturday Night**


The Fan Favorite Contest is for those who purchased their costumes or do not want to have their
costume evaluated by judges, or just want to show it off! Stop by the Cosplay Info Table (Times to be
posted) and have your picture taken, then send your friends by to vote for you! You can enter as many
costumes as you like. The winner will be announced  Sunday on our website and social media! The earlier you enter the more time people have to vote for you!


Come and join us Friday from 12PM (noon) to 4pm at the Cosplay Marketplace! Here you can bring your old costumes, cosplay accessories, sewn or constructed craft items, notions, fabric scraps, props and prop
materials, and wigs to buy, sell, or trade among the cosplay community. No new items for resale,
cosplay and craft related items only, no hardware such as machines, parts, etc. All items for sale are
subject to approval by the Cosplay Department.
Marketplace participation for sellers is free but table space is first come first served. Items sold are non-
refundable and non-transferable. ROFCON is not responsible for the condition of the items traded or
sold. Most sellers will only be able to accept cash, electricity is not available. One table space will be
allowed per person unless the room is not filled, in which case you may be allowed to use more than one
table until other sellers arrive. Sellers do not have to participate the entire time but ROFCON is not
responsible for monitoring tables or sales, if you have to leave you must find someone to watch your
table or pack up your items – in which case the table may be forfeit to another vendor if there is a wait.
A ‘Free’ table will be available if you have items to unload, however if they are not picked up by close of
the Marketplace the items will be disposed of or become the property of ROFCON.


Two competitors (chosen from the audience) will have 20 minutes to turn their model into an original
character with only the limited materials provided. Once complete they will have to introduce their new
character, complete with background story, to the audience. The winner, chosen by special guests, will
earn the title of Closet Cosplay Champion. For your chance to be selected as a competitor arrive to the
panel early to have your name put in for entry.