Costume Policy

Pardon our ashes. Phoenix is being reborn


If you have any questions regarding ROFCON policies or feel the need to report something or someone, seek out your nearest Con Safety staffer, whom can be identified by their Con Safety badge. The staff at ROFCON recognizes that the majority of people attending conventions, and ROFCON in particular, are just looking to have a good time, and show off their hard work on costumes and their love for their favorite characters. That being said, we have a policy in place to ensure that everyone entering our convention can remain safe as well have a great time.

All attendees with props are subject to being peace bound by ROFCON Con Safety Staff. A member of staff will review the rules with you briefly and put a zip tie on your badge. Failure to abide by the rules by either bringing in a forbidden item listed below or doing a forbidden action (i.e., swinging a prop at another attendee) after being peace bound may result in removal from the convention without refund. Certain objects will need to be peace bound in addition to the general peace bond on your badge.

  • THE LACK OF A COSTUME ISN’T A COSTUME: (Ex. Only wearing a nude body suit). Similarly only wearing a towel wrapped around you or only wearing under garments is also not a costume.
  • COVER YOURSELF APPROPRIATELY:  If the structural engineering of your costume is not enough to keep the “girls” or “boys” firmly in place we may ask you to change into a different costume. Remember its okay to use flesh colored tops and bottoms in the construction of your costume. The chest area must not be unreasonably exposed. Nipples must be covered at all times – this applies to all genders. If you are going to wear a skin tight outfit we highly recommend that you wear a cup, dance belt, or some other type of supportive device. If we can clearly identify the “boys”, ‘girls”, or other naughty bits we will ask you to change your costume. If you are not sure,  you can always consult Con Safety if you have any questions.
  • REMEMBER THE CHILDREN:  There are people of all ages attending  ROFCON  including small children. Please keep this in mind.
  • WHAT HAPPENS AT CON ENDS UP ONLINE:  Whether intentional or unintentional anything that gets displayed will probably be recorded, photographed, and  displayed on the internet.
  • NO FLASHING: Consequentially intentional flashing of any kind (Even if you are wearing a full flesh colored body suite) can result in immediate removal from the convention and the Holiday Inn
  • DON’T CHANGE IN THE HALLS: The convention floor and public areas are not changing rooms, do not remove your clothing or change costumes in open space, there are bathrooms located in the hotel if you do not have a room to change in.
  • IT CAN GET COLD: Remember that ROFCON is in March. As such it is entirely possible that we will have cold weather during our event. ESS, Inc., ROFCON , the Holiday Inn or any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers deems that your costume is unsafe for the weather conditions we may ask that you change into more appropriate clothing.
  • NO SKATES OR SKATE LIKE THINGS: Roller Skates, Roller Blades and Heely Shoes may not be worn on hotel property or conventions spaces.
  • STILTS ARE FOR THE LOBBY OR OUTSIDE: Stilts may only be worn on the hotel first floor and outdoors unless ESS, Inc., ROFCON , the Holiday Inn or any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers deems that you pose a danger to yourself or other convention attendees.
  • SEAL YOUR BODY PAINT: Body paint and dried liquids (such as fake blood) are allowed as part of your costume but must be properly sealed so it does not rub off, to prevent damage of the convention space and/or the costumes or clothing of other attendees. If we see you are making a mess you will be asked to leave.

Mask may be worn by attendees with the following guidelines

  • MUST BE ABLE TO SEE: Masks may not impair your vision. ESS, Inc., ROFCON, the Holiday Inn or any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers may ask to inspect your mask to verify that it does not impair your vision. If any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers determines that your mask impairs your vision you will not be allowed to continue wearing your mask. If you continue to wear your mask after this determination has been made it may result in ejection from the convention. An exception is made if you wish to carry around your mask and put in on and off to pose for pictures.
  • MUST REMOVE MASK IF ASKED: If at any time for any reason any member of ESS, Inc., ROFCON, the Holiday Inn or any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers ask you to remove your mask you must do so immediately. Failure to do so will result in ejection from the convention.

The following Events/Locations may require that masks be removed:

  • Exhibitors Hall
  • Any Concerts or Performances

Props may be carried with the following guidelines

  • SEE WEAPONS POLICY FOR PROPS:  All Props must conform to the Weapons Policy
  • LARGE PROPS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN SOME AREAS: Large Props are not allowed in all areas of the convention (Ex. Exhibitors Hall and Main Events). Please make arrangements to store any large props in either your Hotel Room (Or a Friends Hotel Room), Vehicle, or Other Storage Arrangement before entering these areas.
  • WE DON’T WATCH PROPS: ESS, Inc., ROFCON, the Holiday Inn or any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers will not watch or hold any props for you. We are not responsible for any lost or misplaced props.

Please note that the Costume Policy is subject to change before, during, or after the convention, and changes may be made with or without advance notice or written notification.The Convention Chairman, Directors, Head of Con Safety Staff and their Captains and Lieutenants as well as the Holiday Inn Staff (As directed through ROFCON staff) have the right to reject any costume for any reason. All decisions in this are final.