General Policy

Pardon our ashes. Phoenix is being reborn


  • ROFCON Badge Policy: A ROFCON membership badge is required to enter into any convention program space. Membership badges must be worn conspicuously at all times within the convention . If your badge is ever covered, reversed, not worn, or carried inside of a pocket or bag, staff may request that you present it and wear it in a more visible manner or leave the building. Keep this in mind while wearing cosplay outfits. If your membership badge is lost or stolen, you can check to see if it was turned in at Lost and Found located at Registration. If you remain unable to locate your membership badge, you must purchase another at full price to remain in convention space. Membership badges are the property of Event Support Solutions, Inc. Even after purchase they are merely a symbol owned by said company to signify that they have allowed you to remain on convention space, and must be surrendered at the request of any senior staff member. If you are ejected from the convention for any reason, there will be no refund for the cost of the membership
  • Report any issue to Con Safety: Any issues while at the convention can be reported to Con Safety at the Executive Boardroom or any member of the Con Safety staff.
  • NO SMOKING/VAPING: Except for designated areas, smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes are prohibited in the  hotel.
  • NO STEALING: Anyone caught stealing or shoplifting in any part of the convention space will be ejected from the convention space, remanded to local authorities, and banned from future NekoCon conventions and any Event Support Solutions, Inc. sponsored events. We also reserve the right to share your name with other conventions in an informal warning system, and the victim(s) of the crime will have the opportunity to prosecute offenders.
  • PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR STUFF: Event Support Solutions, Inc., the ROFCON convention, the Holiday Inn, and each group’s staff and volunteers will not be held liable for lost or stolen belongings. If any item is lost, please check with ROFCON staff for the ROFCON Lost and Found, and/or the hotel’s Lost and Found. Anything left in the hallways or convention spaces will be treated as Lost and Found or trash as the staff deems necessary to keep the convention spaces and hotel clean.  At no time will any staff member be held responsible for any abandoned items, even if they interacted with said item after abandonment. Please keep personal items on your person or inside your hotel room or car for safe keeping.
  • NO SIGNS FOR SERVICES: Attendees will refrain from wearing signs that offer paid or free services in public. No flyers will be permitted that offer other forms of paid or free non-approved solicitation. (For example: Glomp Me, Hugs For a $1, Back Rubs for Free, Follow me for Glow Sticks).
  • DRINKING POLICY: You must be 21 years of age to have, purchase, drink, or transport alcohol under most circumstances. Please note Virginia Code article § 4.1-304-5 in regards to the legal drinking age in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Private parties off of the convention space are the responsibility of the individuals throwing the party. Do not carry any open alcoholic beverages into the convention spaces. Virginia Code § 18.2-388 prohibits public intoxication or public profane swearing. Please remain within the confines of your home or hotel room if intoxicated. Please keep noise levels to a minimum to avoid disorderly conduct under Virginia Code article § 18.2-415 and other Virginia Beach city laws governing noises which disturb public peace.
  • HOTEL ROOMS ARE FOR LIVING IN: No attendee shall be allowed to solicit, free or for any amount of money, any product or service from a hotel room associated with the ROFCON convention.
  • DON’T BREAK STUFF: Do not damage the Holiday Inn or associated hotels, interiors, exteriors, or private property in any way. Signs or flyers may not be hung on any wall within the convention space or associated hotel without explicit permission from building staff. There will be a message/flyer posting area provided for such materials to be posted.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK: The hotel prohibits the sale or distribution of outside food or beverages.
  • ROFCON IS A DRAMA-FREE ZONE: ROFCON will not tolerate fighting of any scale, swearing, or any other activities which could be deemed not publicly appropriate or illegal. Any such behavior will be judged on a case- by-case basis and may result in ejection from the convention center and contact with local authorities.
  • NO DRUGS: ROFCON will not tolerate the use of any illegal drugs or drug related paraphernalia within the convention space. Any reports of drug use will be turned over to local law enforcement.
  • NO HALLWAY SLEEPING: There will be no sleeping permitted in the lobby, hallways or convention space. Anyone found sleeping outside of these spaces on private or public land may be asked to move at any time and/or ejected from private land.
  • BE COURTEOUS WHEN TAKING PICTURES: When taking pictures please be respectful of those around you. Do not block any attendee passage of travel or obstruct any public area – this includes the stairs, escalators, or areas at the top and bottom of the stairs and escalators.
  • OBEY THE LAW: All local, state, and federal laws are in affect and are enforced at all times. Local authorities will be either present or nearby to assist in enforcing these laws for the entirety of the convention period.
  • ID REQUIRED FOR ADULT MATERIALS AND PROGRAMMING: You must be at least 18 years of age and provide valid proof of age (i.e. Driver’s License) to VIEW or PURCHASE adult materials in any location on convention space. ID will also be required for any programming that is designated 18+.
  • WHEN AN AREA IS OFF LIMITS: The ROFCON and hotel staff both reserve the right to deny entry to the ROFCON convention space at any time, for any reason, without having to provide said reason. Disputes with staff over this or any other rule can be taken up with the Head of that Staff member’s department or the ROFCON Convention Chairperson, in that order.
  • WEAR SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times. Invisi-shoes are allowed but you may be stopped by numerous ROFCON staffers so they can make sure you are not barefooted.
  • RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Please note that the ROFCON General rules are subject to change before, during, or after the convention, and changes may be made with or without advance notice or written notification. All updates will be provided as soon as possible and posted clearly, but any immediate changes agreed to by staff will be immediate and binding to the current convention period.
  • NO SKATING: Roller Skates and Roller Blades may not be worn inside the hotel. In addition stilts may only be worn on the first floor lobby area unless Event Support Solutions, Inc., the ROFCON convention, the Holiday Inn or any of the above groups’ staff or volunteers deems that you pose a danger to yourself or other convention attendees.
  •  THE WORD OF THE CON CHAIR IS LAW: The decisions of the Convention Chairman/Vice-Chairman are absolutely final.