Guest Announcement: Andrew Linke

ROFCON Welcomes Author and Podcaster Andrew Linke!

Andrew Linke is an author, educator, and podcaster from Tidewater, Virginia.

Andrew’s novels include five Oliver Lucas Adventures, which follow the titular hero through magical treasure hunts across the world and beyond, the bleak science fiction thriller Burning in the Void, and Dyson’s Angel, the first in a series of science fiction adventures set in a distant future after the solar system has been destroyed by a mysterious alien force.

In addition to writing novels, Andrew is in the midst of crafting an original fantasy setting for serial fiction and roleplaying games. He is also developing both guidebooks and apps to help other writers develop their characters and plots. He is a frequent guest on the Strange Phenomena music history podcast and is in the process of releasing podcast audiobooks of his novels under the highly imaginative title: Andrew Linke’s Audiobooks.

An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy in all forms, Andrew frequently posts essays, critiques, and role-playing journals to his website and social media accounts.