Guest Announcement: GeekNightComedy

ROFCON is looking forward to laughing along with GeekNightComedy starring Sid Bridge and Derek Williams.

It’s a fun show of stand-up comedy and improv, and all sorts of fun. Everyone involved in the show are actual performers of stand-up and improv prior to GeekNightComedy, which means we aren’t spouting memes on stage, and repeating things you saw on the internet, Sid and Derek put together people who we noticed did geeky/nerdy jokes at comedy clubs that essentially went over the heads of most people, but fell into the niche humor a captive audience, in the realm of understanding, would get. GeekNightComedy performs the show regularly at comedy clubs like Funnybone Virginia Beach, Richmond, IMPROV in DC and in Orlando, and conventions, such as AwesomeCon, ODU minicon, ROFcon, NekoCon, MAGfest, Tidewater Comicon, etc. Comedy for Geeks, by Geeks