Pardon our ashes. Phoenix is being reborn

Cosplay: “Cosplay” is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. We host a variety of competitions and contests throughout the weekend centered around cosplay.

Dance: What do you do when all the panels are done for the day, the concerts are over, and you’re still itching for more? Check out the nightly dances, of course!

Panels & Workshops: Enjoy unique and educational presentations from fans and guests!

Table Top Gaming: Get ready to get your game on old school! Throughout the weekend we’ll be hosting a variety of games including card games, wargaming, roleplaying, and board games. Got some time to kill and don’t know what to do? Head on over to tabletop gaming and play a quick game! We’ve got a little bit of everything!

Video Gaming: Hosting a variety of games and tournaments for handheld, fighting, racing, rhythm, and more! Participate in a tournament or play a friendly game with fellow con-goers.

Video Room: Looking for something to pass the time between events? Throughout the entire weekend we’ll be running multiple video rooms so make sure to check them out!